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Sudden Death is:
Jon Kaufman - Vocals
Beau Brackett - Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
Joe Hassett - Lead Guitar and Vocals
Corey McLain - Drums and Vocals
Bill Smith - Bass

To sum up Sudden Deaths music in one word, INDESTRUCTIBLE! The music is metal; its loud, but the definition between the band members and their influences is a perfect example of synchronism. The chemistry of these five members yeilds their technically complex yet dense, thrash metal sound.

Beginning in their small hometown of Angola, IN, the original four members, Beau, Bill, Corey, and Joe, expanded into Ohio, Illinios, Michigan, and Iowa. After building an outstanding fan base in these areas throughout the Midwest, they decided to venture to other areas of the country, such as Texas, and finally Florida, where their newest member, Jon, joined the band. Here, finally, was a group whose music and visuals came together in perfect metal harmony.

Sudden Death has signed a two album deal with Locomotive Records, a well known indie lable. The first album, Unpure Burial, will be released world-wide by Locomotive in March of 2006. The release will be followed by a world-wide tour. Unpure Burial marks Sudden Death's progression into modern metal. Right from the start, the guitars are hard-driven and crunchy. The drums and bass are full force from beginning to end. And, hard core vocals growl out the aggressive lyrics.
"This is pain by way of a good crack upside the skull with a sonic anvil", Taxi A&R Listener.

"We like Sudden Death a lot and believe in the high potential of this good, organized band. The sound of Sudden Death is the perfect combination of real metal in 2005 and for the next years. The special mixture of the roots of thrash and speed metal in combination with the energetic elements shows their own identity", Holger Koch, Locomotive Records A&R.

This latest C.D. is receiving airplay on radio stations all around the country, which is creating quite a buzz.

Sudden Death recently completed the filming of their latest video for B.T.K. The video, directed by Denver Black, focuses on a day in the life of a B.T.K. killer. And the second video, also directed by Black, Living and Dying, has just been released. Both videos can now be seen on

Sudden Death is also endorsed and sponsored by Dean Guitars, Ddrum, Guistar Picks and Sam Ash music. With their support, and that of their dedicated fans, Sudden Death is ready for world-wide distribution and tour. With a must see live performance, the question is....Can the world handle it?

The next CD release is tenatively scheduled for April, 2007. Updates will be posted on this site as they become available.


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